How many photos do you have stored somewhere? In photo albums, on computers, and cell phones? How many of them are irreplaceable? Do you have copies of them somewhere safe?  All you need do is look at the evening news on television to see someone’s apartment or home destroyed by a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane, and imagine what has become of their family’s precious memories.  Those memories will be lost, and your children and their children may never know about a prized memory that you would like to pass down.

Family Pearl helps you capture those memories by scanning photos for you, along with your voice narrative if you’d like. The scanned photos are stored online for others to see now, if you’d like, or secured privately so that only you or chosen invited guests can view. You can then have peace of mind that, should the worst happen, your precious memories are safe and available.  Scanning these photos is something that always seems like it is something we will do when we ‘get around to it’.  Do it now, while you’re thinking about it!

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