Start collecting your own family pearls!

Contact Family Pearl at (484) 318-8756 or submit a contact request to us below.

Getting Started? This can all seem a little overwhelming. We recommend that you take a first step:

1) Family research – gather any information that you have about your parents and grandparents. Family Pearl will use whatever you have to build a family tree for you, provide that tree in a printout or set up a family tree online for you to maintain. Training will be provided if you want to take it from there, or we will do it for you. OR

2) Family connections – give us the names, addresses and / or email addresses of some close relatives. We’ll take it from there. We build a family file for you and a family newsletter. The newsletter will be sent on a frequency you decide, and can be stored on the Internet. We can use Facebook for that, or one of several other services. Or let us organize and run your Family Reunion for you? Never had one? No problem…let us start this cherished family tradition for you! OR

3) Media capture – gather up a few precious photos and schedule a time for us to interview you, or a loved one. We’ll conduct an in person interview in a relaxed environment, digitize the photos and attach the sound track, and upload it to the internet. We can also burn a copy to CD to be kept or given away as a gift. It’s that simple! Or just box up all of your photos, super 8mm tapes, videotapes, etc., and will covert them to digital form, easily shared with others!



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