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Legacy Matters – Pass it on! ~ International Association of Storykeepers

Have you wondered what your children’s children, and their children will remember about you? The pearls of wisdom you’ve collected throughout your life? The successes and struggles that yielded core beliefs. Wouldn’t it be great to capture them now before it is too late, and pass it on, like you would financial resources in a will? Family Pearl will facilitate that. Living Legacy is a Project developed to capture the living history of the 20th Century.  Photographs, audio and video are captured and stored on the LegacyStories.org website, and stored for current and future generations to access.  This initiative is led by Personal Legacy Advisors and Certified Legacy Advisors who facilitate the process through the Living Legacy Project.  Dean Henry is a Certified Legacy Advisor  who will arrange for your important photos to be scanned, your oral explanation of them to be recorded, and both stored on the Internet for the viewing of generations to come, through the Legacy Matters Program. For a short overview of the Legacy Matters Program, click here.  You can share as much or as little as you want with the public. And through its association with FamilySearch.org, LegacyStories.org, became the first website to be fully certified to linking this media to individuals indexed on Family Search’s New Family Tree.  What does this mean to you?  It means that your descendants will be able to log on to Family Search, click on your name and link to pictures you have uploaded, hear your voice, and get to know you long after you are gone. Contact us to begin capturing your legacy today!

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