I recently was asked by a fellow genealogy organization member to help her sync her Ancestry.com family tree file with her Family Tree Maker file on her Mac. When I first reviewed her Ancestry.com account, I noticed that she had 3 versions of her family tree, all similarly named. She had been updating one of these pretty consistently and it had the most records, photos, etc., so I assumed that this was the “master file”. I next looked at her Family Tree Maker file and noticed that it had much less information on it than her Ancestry.com file, so I assumed that it could be overwritten and synced with her Ancestry.com family tree file; she agreed with me. But first, I backed up her Family Tree Maker file, just in case we needed to go back to it. I deleted the other two (unneeded) Ancestry.com family tree files. Next, I ran the sync function to bring the two in sync and, voila, her future changes will all be replicated to the other environment going forward. Plus, she can also access her current information on her smart phone or tablet running the Ancestry.com app!

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